No Racing at Huntington in 2011

Thank you everyone for keeping your fingers and toes crossed hoping that the Lake would be ready for us. Unfortunately this didn't work!

The Governing Board has voted, alternate proposals have been tendered, and the decision is to CANCEL racing in 2011 at Huntington and instead to compete at the St. Francis YC NOOD regatta June 25/26 (two day only). There will be three racing areas so we should get a fair shake and I was just told today that we may be the premier class and those winners get a trip to the Caribbean!

I know that this news makes nobody happy, well except for the NOOD guys, but this decision was taken as a result of the extraordinary snow levels and the additional four days of snow last week. Huntington is so special to our fleet and it is going to make for a weird year without 7000’ on our schedule but we had to make the call so people can change their plans well in advance. If you have reservations at the lake already then get on the phone and cancel them. They should understand and if not then you should get a rain check for next year and so well done for being so on top of things and having made the reservation for next year.

We have chatted with people at the Lake and also the Fresno YC and while there is always a chance that the Lake will be ready, we need some more certainty. Last year the lake level was brought up a few days before the racing. The other two lakes close to Huntington, Schaeffer and Millerton Lake, were also considered and have both been venues in the past for Fresno YC but they have abandoned any further plans to sail there as there is “never any wind”. We also considered doing the High Sierra Regatta in July at Huntington but they remain as inflexible as ever in accommodating better race management and the camping is full for that weekend anyway. Besides shifting the date of the regatta posed its own problems.

Done deal… please be big boys and girls about this and if you really need to sail on a fabulous lake this summer then come and smoke us all at Whiskeytown! The Joel Verutti Memorial trophy will be awarded at Whiskeytown this year as Joel was a big fan of that lake. The PCC trophy will be awarded at the NOOD. If you want that fine cedar chest then come and steal it away from Vaughn. Another attraction of Whiskeytown is that we will have a Keg of beer in the campground (thanks Steve and Billy).




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