Friends of ¡Mas!

It's day 2 and we have heard from the guys a couple of times today; They are in good spirits, doing well, happy to hear that according to the (very lame 6 hour delayed YB tracker) that they are in 1st place.  I am sure that over the next 10 days or so, I will get over the delay.  Maybe.  Anyway, they described last night as "rough and wet, but they think they put a few miles between them and a few boats."  No surprises there given how they have been sailing lately.  This morning they were pleased to report that they set a kite ("Spinnaker" for the non-sailors on the list) at 1030am; It was down late afternoon, but they were stoked to have a kite up on day 2.

The weather is interesting...Tropical Storm Celia will keep them on their toes, and us on ours too!

So far, they are in first place for their group, PHRF and in general...let's hope they stay there.  Next update will be the next time I hear from them.

You can track them at, or download the YB Races app (Pacific Cup 2016 - cost is $2.99), or friend me on FaceBook.  Photos of all the boats as they start and again as they finish can be found at  

Here are a few images from the start of the race...they crossed the line 27 seconds after the gun....which as Ian said was the best way to start a 2000+ mile over-early would be terrible.  So we were prepared that there was a 100% chance they were going to be late to the start.  Which I am sure, said no Moore EVER, except this one...yesterday. 

 Mas image3 Mas image2 Mas image1


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