Rules & Equipment Survey 2011

Hello Moore 24 sailors...

Using the email addresses of the Moore 24 owners, the Yahoo Group site,
the moore website and the old telephone are all things that I
probably should have done a long time ago but... Please select the
likely correct answer:
A/ I was doing gel-coat work,
B/ I decided to get a West Wight Potter to sail all by myself,
C/ Simon you are just a lazy bastard!

Anyway, did you notice that this was put to you in the form of a
multiple choice question? This is a tool that I think will work
fantastically for our fine fleet. Unlike some other fleets, the Moore
owners are silent online but quite vocal in private email or when
wrestling around the keg at the end of regatta. As a result I get to
hear likes and dislikes from a few vocal owners while the vast majority
of opinions are not effectively polled so I want to use the online
survey tool "Survey Monkey" to hear your thoughts on a few issues that
are before the Governing Board. The survey results are not democratic in
that we are not going to count votes and set policy but rather we, the
Governing Board, will make our decisions including the feedback from the

Right now we have some equipment/modifications that have to be decided
on and we will have to amend our rules based on the decision by the
Governing Board. Please go to the following link and let us know how
the class should move forward... are we strict one design, somewhat
progressive, or a development class?

If I was stepping over boats to get the outside boat at the pumpkin
regatta (hey that's next) or if I were waiting my turn at the crane in
Santa Cruz, I would listen to anyone, owners or crew, who had something
to say about carbon poles or that we should get back to Tahoe or the
weight limit is crazy or or or... The survey tool will allow us to do
this so I'm looking forward to seeing what all of you have to say. One
completed survey per computer IP address. I have only emailed the owners
directly but crew can be heard by clicking on the above link.

The survey will close Tuesday October 25 at 18:00 (yes, we are under
pressure to make a decision prior to Pumpkin). If you are an owner and
never got an email then your email address is old and you should send
updated contact info to our fine Class Treasurer/Secretary John Siegel<>

All the best, thanks for being great!, get you boat off the trailer,
come to the fleet party and awards in Santa Cruz November 19th 19:00 at

Simon Winer
El Prez
Moore 24 Gruntled # 68



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