Equipment and Rules Survey Results 2011

Modifications to Moore 24 Survey Results

Question 1
Carbon Tiller
Cosmetic 43%
Advantage 16
Ok if same wt 41

Thoughts on the carbon tiller: The open transom boats already need a weird tiller, there is no clear opinion, only 16% of respondents think there is an advantage.

Question 2
Carbon Fwd Hatch
Cosmetic 32%
Advantage 32
Ok if same wt 36

Thoughts on the carbon hatch: The hatch on 106 looks very cool even though it is finished in white. Only the lid in carbon and offers no structural advantage or added stiffness. It was pointed out that the original boats came with no hatch so it would be hard to say that this hatch is okay of the same weight? Already we have other hatches (non-carbon) that have replaced the original. Seems that this isn’t a big deal and the minimum weight requirement of 2050 lbs. will prevent this becoming an issue.

Question 3
Carbon washboard
Cosmetic 57%
Advantage 11
Ok if same wt 32

Thoughts on carbon washboard: Pretty much everyone thinks that this is a bling part. Make sure that it is strong enough and can be secured properly if racing in the ocean.

Question 4
Carbon Spin Pole
Cosmetic 25%
Advantage 55
Ok if same wt 20

Thoughts on carbon poles: The majority of the respondents think this is an advantage. I’m not sure what a carbon pole costs but this may help us make a decision. One main thrust from Moore owners is that they want these boats to stay inexpensive to operate while being competitive.

Question 5
Drop Line
Ok w/ sock 32%
OK w/o sock 14
Not allowed 54

Thoughts on drop line: Most respondents think that this should not be allowed in any form. This could be a big advantage in short-handed sailing. Needs discussion.

Question 6
Remove deck fasteners
All ok 9%
Every other ok 14
OK only with fiberglass 12
No mod other than toe 65

Thoughts on removal of deck fasteners: The original adhesive is something called Reeds Adhesive #7 and is polyester base that is thickened and then fiber of asbestos(!) was added as no chopped strand was avail at the time. Spoke with Ron Moore who said that this material was chosen as it dries to form rigid bond. He said bolts every other bolt could be removed but cautioned strongly against all being removed due to concern with seam opening up in the case of collision or falling off wave. Spoke with Craig Smith who said “Ohh hell no, f**king crazy and that’s for fools”. He thought that every other could be removed with no structural issue. Both 85 and 106 have all the fasteners removed with no reinforcement inside or out (106 lost 90 lbs in the rebuild). Both Craig and Ron said that a fiberglassed joint would be stronger but were concerned about a quality job being done. Craig said a job from the inside using BDM1708 cloth (X matt) could be used as an alternative to fasteners. We have two boats that are an issue, we should provide guidance to them via rule amendment, perhaps with the glassing alternative if they don’t want to put bolts in their pretty decks. Worst thing for our class would be to have a joint failure and loss, I feel strongly that original bolts or alternative structure should be required.

Question 7
Already out gate
Another item 9%
Bummer 14
Finally evolving 50

Thoughts on out the gate: Open transoms are popular and have breathed new life into this fleet of 30+ year old boats. Floating leads have been approved as have jib cunninghams, removal of toe rail (early boats had none), removal of pull/push pits (Offered as an option on early boats), under-deck companionway hatch, consoles and removal of mainsheet trav box. 50% of the fleet is pleased that we are “finally evolving” and the newly refurbished boats are looking fantastic. Some other items that were brought up were 1/ Overall crew weight of 825 (needs a survey?), 2/ Recommendation to add G10 backing plates to chainplates, 3/ do we really need three crew on Ditch (survey?), 4/ is forward vee berth required since some boats came without them and they were built in as a feature to help sell Moores (what about removal of berth if originally equipped?), 5/ If more than 50 lbs of make-up weight is required to get to 2050lbs then any required lead over 50 lbs needs to go in the ends,6/ Masthead chute?

Question 8
Three Bridge
Leave alone 79%
Half points 13
Another plan 0
See ya at RYC 8

Thoughts on changing Three Bridge scoring: Simon, we always knew that you were a dumbass for even thinking of changing this!

Question 9
Roadmaster swag
cheap 15%
First through fifth 36
Performance gear 30
Pickle dishes 5
Dunking is all 11
I have a lead 3

Thoughts on Roadmaster trophies: First through Fifth and usable gear and hats seems like a winner. This stuff is $$$ so we have to be careful. Nationals trophies (other than perpetual) were in the “cheap and nasty and no more than $5” category while we have had half models and other wonderful swag in the past. Any other thoughts?

Question 10
Keep 46%
Something else 34
Conflict, next time 20

Thoughts on Whiskeytown: Well we have been invited back and so we made a good first impression! No super strong voice to say that it is a “must keep” and certainly, if we are careful with scheduling, we can keep the weekend open so that we could make it a non-counter? More discussion needed.



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